NCS Summer

Adventure residential
An outdoor holiday at Carlton Lodge in Thirsk. Get to know your team and challenge yourself. All food, accommodation, activity costs and transport from Sheffield Bus Station to the residential site are included.


Develop new skills
Live with your friends at accommodation in Sheffield and take part in fun workshops to build up teamwork, leadership and creative thinking.


Social action project
Come in to the city centre each day to plan a project with your team. The project must benefit the local community or a charity. Present your plans in our Dragons’ Den and (hopefully!) get some funding.

Go out there and deliver your project! Promote on the radio, cause a stir, have a laugh and make a difference to where you live!



A big party with DJ, dance floor, lots of drinks, food and unlimited photobooth. Get your certificate and celebrate your achievements!

Wave One


Adventure residential 13th-17th July

Home residential 19th-23rd July

Social action planning 25th-29th July (30 flexible hours)

Social action delivery 1st-5th August (flexible hours)


Wave Two


Adventure residential 25th-29th July

Home residential 1st-5th August

Social action planning 8th-12th August (30 flexible hours)

Social action delivery 15th-19th August (flexible hours)


Wave Three


Adventure residential 8th-12th August

Home residential 15th 19th August

Social action planning 22nd-26th August (30 flexible hours)

Social action delivery 29th August- 2nd September (flexible hours)


Wave Four


Adventure residential 15th-19th August

Home residential 22nd-26th August

Social action planning 29th August- 2nd September (30 flexible hours)

Social action delivery 5th-9th September (flexible hours)


How to sign up / get more information
If you think NCS would benefit your son/daughter, here is what to do:
Contact us for more information:

Call:       0114 2999 211     Text:       07538651237 // 07538648252       Email:     




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