NCS Testimonies

Mafsud’s Experience

Mafsud talks about the effect the NCS programme had on her.

“I’ve learnt how to work in teams and meet and be confident with new people. The water activities were so, so scary and really challenging but the great thing is that I’m now going to get swimming lessons because I feel like I can face my fears now.

NCS is something you’ll never get to do again. It’s fun and you will make friends – school never let you do the things you get to do on NCS!”

Ursala’s Experience

 Ursula talks about her experience on the Autumn programme.

“My favourite part about NCS has been discovering that I can push myself more than I knew. I never, ever thought I’d be able to abseil but with the encouragement of my team and the staff, I managed to do it and actually really enjoyed it!

I’ve made lots of new friends and I’ve also got to know some acquaintances much better. NCS really does boost your confidence and the social action part of the programme is a great opportunity to develop skills for jobs”

Ahmed’s Experience

Ahmed talks about his experience as an NCS participant.

“My favourite moment was definitely learning martial arts. Our teacher was a black belt and he taught us self-defence which I think is a really useful skill in the real world. Kayaking was also so much fun because while we were on the water we were playing games.

I’ve met people from different areas of Sheffield who I didn’t know before and now I would consider them as really good friends.”

Abdul’s Experience

Abdul talks about his experience of NCS programme.

“I heard about NCS from a friend at school. For me, the best part was kayaking because I really enjoy water sports. I’m really scared of heights so I can’t believe that I managed to do the climbing! Throughout NCS, I’ve learnt how to face my fears.

I’ve made loads of new friends, which is really great. NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do stuff that you don’t get to do every day. It also gives you the chance to be quite independent like making your bed and vacuuming – I never normally do that stuff at home!”

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