Our Commitment to NCS


It is our aim to run a socially mixed programme which is both safe and accessible for all young people.


We try our best to accommodate young people who have a variety of needs and this is done on a case by case basis. Where young people or parents have indicated medical/ support needs on their application, we will make contact discuss in order to obtain more information and work with all parties involved for the best possible solution.


We are committed to ensuring the safety of participants, staff, volunteers and partners during the programme. We work with highly experienced partners, employ fully trained staff and comply with all relevant legislation. We also require participants to follow a simple code of conduct (see below).

Highly experienced partners

Our NCS programme is delivered with the support of a group of organisations which together have significant experience of working with young people. We operate with the support of local councils and schools.

Trained staff

During all activities, young people are accompanied by vetted instructors or mentors, and the minimum staff to young person ratio will be 1:7. All outdoor activities at the activity centre are led by fully qualified instructors. Each team is led by a consistent mentor for the majority of the programme. All staff are carefully selected, vetted and trained in all activities that they deliver. Everyone employed by Element is required to be DBS checked (previously known as CRB).

Compliance with all relevant legislation

We comply fully with all relevant legislation and, where appropriate, our outdoor activity partners are licensed under the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004. We (or our partners) produce detailed risk assessments for all activities. All staff are trained to identify, recognise and mitigate any risks that arise during the programme.

Participants’ responsibilities

NCS is all about challenging and pushing yourself. We expect commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. Participants are responsible for following our simple code of conduct during the programme. If a participant seriously or persistently broke this code of conduct, then we would have to ask them to leave the programme. In this case, the young person would have to return home.

Participant Code of Conduct and Parent/Guardian Agreement

Please see below the two documents that relate to young people and parents/guardians of young people that are on our programmes.

Young Person Code of Conduct

Parent/Guardian Agreement

*Every NCS participant and parent/guardian emergency contact will be expected to sign these documents prior to their young person starting their NCS programme.

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