Our Team

Our staff are all united in their vision, their principles and their unwavering determination to succeed. From our seasonal volunteers to our boardroom, we all possess the same vision and understanding.

But. We do things differently. Although our shared vision is the most important factor that unites us, it’s also probably the only factor.
We also recognise that talent comes from all backgrounds and sectors and we believe that a truly diverse team helps us to deliver a truly diverse service.


Ian Balshaw
Matthew Brewer
Matthew Brewer
Admin / Design Assistant
Jack Calder
NCS Coordinator
Christopher Hill
Chief Executive Officer
John Laing
Nabeela Mowlana
NCS Deputy Coordinator
Joe Parkinson
John Parkinson
Johnny Pawlick
John Rigby
Rich Ripley
NCS Manager
Christoph Schott
Steph Taylor
NCS Coordinator
Jasmine Watson
Childcare Coordinator
Andrew Wood
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