Summer 2018 Wave 1

There will be a full report about NCS Summer 2018 Wave One later in the summer but for now… check out these photos from our young people out in Wales.





  • Mariam

    July 5, 20185:43 am Reply to Mariam

    Looks amazing Daughter went when she was 16 and send my son looks like he having a great time it nice to see all young people working together great job

  • Monique

    July 5, 20185:26 am Reply to Monique

    Seems like alot of fun. Taifa has a big smile on her face. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  • Ana AlAwkabi

    July 4, 20189:08 pm Reply to Ana

    I couldnt get hold of my son Yassin Al-Awkabi to wish him from all of us his family :Happy Birthday Big Man!!!Have lots of fun!!!!.

  • Marjorie Frater

    July 4, 20188:52 pm Reply to Marjorie

    Looks great. Seems like they’re all having lots of fun.

    Please say high to Renée. ❤

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