Additional Needs NCS

Additional Needs NCS

“The main evidence of the quality of the programme is to see how enthused the students were on their return to college and the noticeable improvement in their relationship with peers and staff alike. They have described the experience as “awesome”, “brilliant” and “the best thing” they’ve ever done. With the support of the team they, in turn, felt enabled to support each other. They overcame personal challenges, grew in confidence and were clearly, and rightly, proud of their achievements.” – Howard Bayley, Foundation Studies Personal Tutor

When: Spring 2014 – current

What: Pioneering a residential programme especially for young people with additional needs

Results: We deliver an NCS programme especially for young people who might not always have the freedom or ability to stay away from home. With specially trained staff and carefully planned sessions, we enable participants with disabilities and special educational needs to take part in an adventure holiday of a lifetime. We work with the participants to develop a wealth of creative thinking and then task them with tackling issues close to their hearts in the local community.



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