Enterprise Camp

Enterprise Camp

Enterprise Camp is a sister service to Discover Enterprise.  It provides the added benefit of residential trip to fast-track confidence building.  Enterprise Camp that specialises in improving access to enterprise/work by developing practical and transferable skills and capabilities. This programme develops the enterprise and employability capacity of the community.

Enterprise Camp adds to the Discover Enterprise programme, which is a series of workshops that are used in a practical way to meet an Enterprise Challenge set by our team.

The programme is split into 3 phases.

– Enterprise Camp Boost

– Skills Sessions & Enterprise Challenge Planning

– Enterprise Challenge Delivery


Enterprise Camp Boost

We will undertake activities that get the participants out of their comfort zone, realise their personal assets and uncover their passion and drive.

– Building confidence

– Improving communication

– Team building

– Introduction to the Enterprise Challenge

The residential component allows our team to work on additional personal and social skills with the group.

Skills Sessions & Enterprise Challenge Planning

The next 7 days of the programme to be devoted to different areas of enterprising skills. Each day will start with an enterprise skills session followed by putting those skills to a practical use. This means learning a skill and to use it in an Enterprise Challenge.

The workshops include:

– Campaign planning

– Project Planning & Market Research

– Budgeting (Income & Expenditure)

– Marketing & Social Media

– Sales & Presentation

Event Management

The final part of this process is pitching their solution to a Dragon’s Den.

Enterprise Challenge Delivery

The participants will be supported by our team to complete the challenge.


Examples of skills developed

Personal skills

– Tolerance – accommodating for different perspectives or opinions

– Social awareness – general awareness of how to act in various environments

– Presentation of self – an understanding of the relevance of personal appearance

– Confidence – to attempt challenges outside comfort zone

– Belief in self – opportunity to see own worth, feeling valued as part of a group

– Communication – understanding the importance of being able to share ideas clearly

– Aspiration – gained from achieving practically rather than being told they can achieve

– Coping with failure – developing a sense that failure is not the end

Team skills

– Recognising the each team member brings different skills to the team to make it stronger

– Delegating tasks to appropriate team members

– Using praise to encourage other team members to overcome challenges

– Resilience to failure – working together to adapt and change tactics and approach to real life obstacles

Business Skills

– Creativity in enterprise – using literal and lateral thinking to approach enterprise

– Understanding consumers – assessing the needs of consumers

– Connecting to consumers – making a sell on by connecting with people

– Negotiating – achieving a sale with a customer through personality.

– Adding value to products – dressing products in packaging to add value to customers

– Bulk selling – negotiating wholesale discounts

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