NCS Skillsbooster 

We can offer 15 hours of delivery with groups of Y11 and 12 students.
These hours can be split across weeks in school hours to suit your group.

Sessions  Hours per session
3 5
5 3

Within this we can deliver the session below as well as sessions tailored to your students around these themes;

  • post-covid socialisation
  • health and wellbeing
  • kills for independent living
  • employability
  • citizenship and British values
  • career and progression guidance
  • volunteering

You choose which themes you'd like us to cover and we will create you a bespoke scheme of work for your group. 

If you would like any of our specific workshops to be covered please let us know and we will include them in our planning. 

Example Schemes of Work 

7 x 2-hour sessions - mainstream provision 

3 x 5-hour sessions - specialist provision