We believe that young people should have a say in the future of Element.

The Youth Voice programmes ensures this happens, and often gathers a Youth Board as part of a focus group to offer vital guidance and advice for our future. The Youth Board also runs other events such as open mic nights, and their activities make up our Youth Voice Project.

The Youth Board work on social action projects and are currently working with Archer Project (a local homeless charity) to create care packages for the homeless of Sheffield. As well as that, they help the NCS team with recruitment by attending schools around Sheffield during lunchtimes and NCS icebreaker events at places like JUMP Sheffield and ICE Sheffield.

The Element Youth Board is currently 15 strong and is granted a small budget from Element Society annually, however, all projects so far have come at zero cost as any funds have come from fundraising events and being self-sufficient. The Youthboard aims to continue this.

How can I get involved?

For young people to get involved in Youth Voice they must have been an NCS graduate through Element Society. If you are interested in joining and are an NCS graduate, feel free to drop [email protected] an email (you even get a free jumper!). The Youth Board is always willing to be a focus group for any external groups and prides itself on being from a diverse range of backgrounds, so it can be a very useful test group. If you would like to hear what the group has to say about your project/ idea feel free to drop an email to the email mentioned previously. We look forward to hearing from you.

Success so far...

The Youth Board group has benefited and continues to benefit from Youth Voice as it builds their confidence talking in groups and communicating, in not just a professional environment but connecting to all members of society. A prime example of this was within our Christmas event, where the board handed out Christmas cards to the homeless of Sheffield. 3 board members volunteered - Xian, Haleema, and Zain, and despite at first being nervous approaching people they and many others, would normally walk past, they ended up talking with multiple people and it was clear to see their confidence grew. These moments are empowering for a young person and it gives them the belief that they can continue to help others on a daily basis with just a small deed, such as stopping and talking to the homeless.

When asked what the Youth Board means to them, some of the young people responded;

It’s made me more confident and I have met some good friends from it

Element listen to us and our voices are heard, we’re treated like adults which doesn't happen a lot

Unlike other charities  it makes me feel like I'm actually making a difference and will actually benefit me later on in life

It’s been great for networking, as a young entrepreneur I have had the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, such as Josh Babarinde who have offered me great business advice.