We are a non-profit youth charity based in Sheffield, delivering development, social action and enterprise programmes to young people and vulnerable adults. Our aims are to empower young people to change their communities, raise their own aspirations and become role models to their peers.

So many young people and young adults feel powerless in their local community. We believe one role of our youth charity is providing young people with the tools and the confidence to address a problem themselves, they feel more useful and engaged within society.

Element has three core beliefs:
Element believes in giving young people the skills and confidence to achieve the unbelievable.

As a youth charity we know that given the right tools, space and support, the unbelievable is achievable.
The young people at Element Society have so many examples, which include: prototyping gym bags, trading on market stalls, designing and running workshops, battling bullying and racism, tackling disabled access and so so much more.
What will strike you is that these accolades aren’t just by the traditional ‘high achievers’ but by everyone.  Our teams are diverse in every possible way.

Element believes in providing young people real power to take action in their community.

We are constantly launching new projects to improve all aspects of society.  Young people are at the heart of all of our new developments as a youth charity.   Several of our projects are designed by young people of Sheffield and South Yorkshire.  Even more of our projects have young people progressing from participants to paid roles. All of our projects have young people involved at every stage – from concept and design, to delivery and evaluation.

Element believes in promoting young people to become role models.

Recognising that peer role models are powerful assets in developing other young people is fundamental to many of our methods.  As such we provide space and opportunity to fill roles where they can be great examples.  Element Society believes this is one of many ways we are setting standards of best practice as a youth charity.


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