Financial Donations

Element Society is a charity, and as such, doesn't make any profit. We rely on grants and donations to keep our work going, so any support you can give us is hugely appreciated and will help young people in the city, and improve their access to opportunities that give them the chance to make a positive change to the community.

We are constantly launching new projects to improve all aspects of society. Young people are at the heart of all of our new developments as a youth charity. Several of our projects are designed by young people of Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Even more of our projects have young people progressing from participants to paid roles. All of our projects have young people involved at every stage – from concept and design, to delivery and evaluation. Whilst some of our projects are funded by grants, others aren't, and this is where donations really help us! 

Chris Hill, CEO, Element Society

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Whilst financial donations are brilliant, it's not for everyone - we appreciate some people prefer to contribute in a more hands-on way! If this sounds like something you're interested in, maybe volunteering is for you!

Being a volunteer at Element Society is so much fun! The people here are lovely and are all so passionate about what they do. I did NCS in Birmingham a few years ago and found it so rewarding that I couldn't wait to get involved with an organisation that has the same values and principles as NCS as soon as I could - volunteering has given me that chance. I'm currently helping to co-ordinate the Invata project with John, and doing a bit of young person engagement for NCS. What's great about the co-ordinating part in particular is that I have ownership of what I'm doing and have the responsibilities that go along with that - I'm not just here to make tea or coffee! I'm treated as if I was a member of staff, which makes this fantastic experience for me both personally and professionally, and I get to give back just like I wanted.

Jasmine Odusanya, Volunteer, Element Society

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