BlueDot is a youth-led mental health project.

We aim to raise awareness and break down the stigma surrounding mental health by educating people on the potential causes. We run workshops and give tips on how to be there for someone who is suffering from poor mental wellbeing or how to manage your own mental health. The project is currently aimed at young people aged 15-24. We believe it's important to be educated on mental health from a young age to prevent stigma from developing.

How can I get involved?

BlueDot is currently recruiting volunteers to help us develop and deliver workshops around different aspects of mental health.
We currently run BlueDot session for our volunteers on Wed 4 - 5:30pm (this is subject to change depending on volunteer availability) 
You will need to be:

  • aged 15-24
  • able to get the Sheffield city centre 

If you would like to join, please email [email protected] with your Name, Age and Why you want to join. 

If you are an organisation or school that would like to book a workshop, you can email our project manager, Jasmine, at [email protected] or call 01142999210. You can also download our virtual workshop here!

Download our virtual workshop!

Coming soon... 

BlueDot are in the process of creating a Podcast (funded by Tesco's Bags of Help)! 
And we are looking to develop new workshops to reach a wider age range and cover more topics around mental health. 

Success so far...

The project primarily aims to prevent mental health problems from occurring in the first place, but some of the young people running the workshops certainly benefit from it as well.

Here's what some of our young people have to say 

Blue dot has helped me to make new friends, share my experiences and give something back by helping to raise awareness about mental health and the support available.

Here's what Saffron, a former staff member on the project, had to say:

The project has had a positive impact on all the YPs who take part. Many of them have expressed how it has made them more open minded and has educated them on why people suffer with mental health issues. Some of them actually suffer with poor mental wellbeing themselves so being involved with bluedot has given them the platform to educate others.

This project is supported by funding from the South Yorkshire Community FoundationFind out more about their work.