ENON - Bringing light and focus to Element's videos (and marketing!)

Enon Films (formerly LTBL Productions) is a long term supporter of the work of Element and the team there have been involved at all levels. The Managing Director, Hugh Adamson, is a member of the Board at Element and is the head of the Element Marketing Group. This means Hugh is part of a team shape the strategic direction of the charity and is leading the way on the 'relaunch' of Element in 2020. Chris Hill, CEO, said:

Element is very lucky to have the expertise, passion and drive the Hugh brings to the charity.  However, my favourite contribution from Hugh is his story - telling the young people about how his career in the industry started by shooting films on his phone and building from there.  Young people find this really inspirational and that makes the real difference.

One of the big success stories for ENON working with young people at Element is in summer 2017 one of our NCS social action groups decided to tackle a very current issue in today's society. The team created 'Red Light' which creates awareness of a local campaign called 'It's not OK' run by the NSPCC. Off the back of the immense hard work that the team put in, NSPCC used this video in the campaign/material to create awareness of Child Sexual Abuse (CSE).

To find out more about Enon, visit their website.