Red Light is a youth-led project that aims to raise awareness on Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSE/CSA).

It started with a group of NCS participants in 2017 who had heard about serious cases of CSE near their area when watching a documentary. When researching further about the issue, they were shocked that they had previously never heard about it even though it is an issue that could affect their own age group and their younger relatives. They then began their mission of raising awareness on the issue itself and educating people on spotting the signs in order to have the ability to help victims through a relatable video that young people would be engaged by.

Redlight was very successful and received funding to become an educational workshop. It is very important that young people are aware of this issue and know how to spot the signs and most importantly know who to turn to if they need help and support for themselves or others. The fact that it is a youth-led project allows it to have a layer of relatability that is vital in reaching and engaging more young people.

How can I get involved?

Redlight is getting a reboot! We are looking for 8 young people aged 18-24 to help us update and deliver our Redlight Workshop!

As a volunteer you will be; 

  • Supporting the development of the workshop through consultation with the staff team and a survivor of CSA (child sexual abuse)
  • Given training to become a safeguarding ambassador 
  • Delivering the workshop to young people in school 

To be a volunteer you will be required to;

  • Undertake safeguarding training while with us
  • Undergo DBS check 
  • Attend all consultation and training sessions (5 sessions) 
  • Deliver the workshop in at least 1 school

You will get; 

  • Accredited safeguarding training. 
  • Travel Expenses 
  • Experience working with young people in a school setting
  • Training on how to deliver the CSE/A workshop 
  • Access to the Element Hub and other opportunities at Element Society

When and Where? 

  • At Element HQ 
    Tuesday Evenings 
  • In Schools 
    At least 2 half days between 21/02/22 - 22/04/22

Download our original workshop here 

Firstly, you can download the Red Light Virtual Workshop! We'd also love to come to your school or college to deliver in person, please contact [email protected] for inquiries about this, or if you'd like to contribute to Red Light in some way. Alternatively, call us on 0114 2999 210.
Please note our digital workshop in our original workshop on CSE. We hope to digitise the new workshop in 2022!

Download the Red Light Virtual Workshop

Success so far

Red Light has been a project Element has been passionate about for numerous years, and thanks to funding from The South Yorkshire Community Foundation, we've been able to take the project to the next level and make it accessible to everyone even in times of a global pandemic, by way of the virtual workshop format. Tashinga, 20, an original member of the NCS Redlight group who has been able to work on the project due to the funding, had this to say about the project;

As a young person who was on the original team, it has been amazing to watch the development of the project and it really goes to show that young people can have a sustainable impact on the community. COVID 19 meant that our in person workshops were unable to go as planned. However, we were able to adapt and create virtual workshops meaning we have the ability to reach even more young people.

The development of this project wouldn't be possible without the support of our funders, The South Yorkshire Community FoundationFind out more about their work.