Please contact the team at the council to arrange visits ready for the Sept 23 intake 


  • Our team includes qualified teachers and youth workers with experience delivering the primary curriculum as well as phonics and Makaton. 
  • We will use play and storytelling to support children in expressing themselves and building communication skills.

We deliver a range of SEMH, PSHE and Social Action based projects designed to empower young people to make a positive change in their communities, raise their aspirations and become role models to their peers.

Play and Storytelling 

Each learner will be allocated their own set of lego. To begin with, they will be encouraged to play with the lego they want while our workers begin building relationships with them. Throughout the weeks learners will be encouraged to tell a story through lego that will be turned into a short stop-motion movie. These stop-motion movies can be done in small groups, pairs or individually, depending on the wants and needs of the learners. 

Learners will also engage in storytime. Each week learners will come together as a whole group to engage with one story. We aim to deliver the stories in different ways each week. This could include staff-led reading, child-led reading, audiobooks, sensory stories etc. 

Other activities 

In addition to play and storytelling, learners will be encouraged to engage in activities that promote independence, teamwork and life skills. Such as collaborative lunch times, where learners will be encouraged to help set tables, serve each other food and drinks and help make food. 

Learning and Curriculum Links 

We embed different aspects of the curriculum, including Maths and Literacy, into the activities practically and engagingly. Learners will move towards some worksheet-based activities to support them back into classroom learning. 

Each learner will be encouraged to complete a storyboard for their stop-motion movies, either independently or with support, depending on their needs. 

Progression and Integration 

We encourage schools to work closely with us to support learners back into the classroom. School staff are welcome to visit learners while they are with us, and we are happy to attend school with learners as they return to the classroom. 

We aim for learners to produce something that they can bring to school and share with their peers. 

Days, times, groupings

What to wear 

Tuesday, 10 - 2 pm 

Groups of up to 6 children

Learners can be dropped off between 9:30 and 10 am 

Pick up between 2 and 2:30 pm 

Anything Learners will be comfortable in

Avoid new and expensive clothing 

PPE will be provided where necessary 



Breakfast, snacks and Lunch can be provided. 

We can also prepare food as part of learning. 

Children can bring a packed lunch and snacks if they wish. 

You can get to us by most bus and tram routes as we are based in the City Centre 

Our closest tram stops are City Hall and Cathedral. 



Element Society 

Yorkshire House 

66 Leopold Street 

S1 2GZ 

We are based above Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) and H.L. Brown Jewellers.

Our door is next to the entrance to YBS. Please ring the bell to gain access.  

Jasmine Watson

[email protected]

0114 2999210 / 07958141845