Youth Force is a group of young people that work with us to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Young people are given a lot of bad press when it comes to spreading Coronavirus, so it's important to show that the perception that young people don't care is a false one!

What do you want to know about the vaccine?

If you could ask one question about the Covid vaccine, what would it be?!

Youth Force is will be getting all sorts of people in to talk with you about the vaccine and answer any questions you might have about it. We're hoping to bring in religious leaders, doctors and nurses, leaders in the community, politicians, and even travel agents!

This is NOT online! You can come into the Element Society building for some interview training on Tuesday 1st of June, so you'll be great at asking questions on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (June 2nd-4th), it's all happening during half term! 

How can I get involved?

Ask your questions about the Covid vaccine during half term!

Keep an eye out on our events page to sign up for our latest events and meetings, and email us at [email protected] or text us on 07458301350 and tell us you'd like to join Youth Force. Got any questions? We'd be happy to answer them!

Success so far

Listen to the podcasts!
Episode 1 - Tips for isolation

Episode 2 - Wear a mask and keep your distance

Episode 3 - Track and Trace

Tes, Element's youth worker who's running the project, has been impressed with how keen young people are to get on board with the project, saying:

We started recruiting members less than a week ago, and we've already hit the target for the number of people we were hoping to get involved! There is a lot of excitement about this project from the young people we work with, and it could be huge.

Brand Manager, Matt, who's been helping with the podcasts and t-shirts, said this:

The podcasts are excellent. They're real. It's great to hear young people talking openly about such serious things having clearly done their research to make sure they're informed. They nailed the t-shirts too, you'll not be able to miss the point of them when you see someone wearing it!

We wouldn't have been able to run this project without funding from Sheffield City Council. Find out more about our work with them.