The People's Postcode Lottery Trust has three simple yet life-changing aims; to promote human rights, prevent poverty and combat discrimination. This ties in well with what we aim to do here at Element and the Learning Through Nature project addresses the third aim of the Trust.

Evidence shows that 14-18 year-olds with SEND often have limited access to outdoor space. We're working with schools like Talbot Specialist School and Bents Green School to change this. Learning Through Nature does as it says in the name. It is about these young people exploring the outdoors and learning through nature around them. Students on the programme will access sessions run across local parks in Sheffield, as well as tailored activities run in collaboration with the National Trust.

Project officer, Nabeela, said:

The project is an all-round favourite. We have always received positive feedback from participants, school staff, as well as staff and volunteers at Element. Learning through nature has incredible benefits for all those involved, and I strongly believe it is an experience like no other.

To find out more about PPL, visit their website.