Connecting and supporting people, communities and organisations to harness the power of compassion, will create a happier and healthier Sheffield.

Compassionate Sheffield was formed in 2021, with the modest aim of making Sheffield the most compassionate city in the UK.

A Compassionate City believes caring for its most vulnerable is everyone’s responsibility. Within that, compassionate communities and a civic approach support and improve the end-of-life experience such that all people affected by death have their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs met in the appropriate way possible.

It was born of the concept of compassionate communities, pioneered by Professor Allan Kellehear, which aims to redress the medicalisation of end of life care and the Western disconnect from death and dying, bringing the knowledge and skills back into the communities in which we live and die.

Compassionate Sheffield Supports Our Projects

At the beginning of 2023, Compassionate Sheffield collaborated with Sheffield City Council to release a Covid-19 Community Memorial Fund, aiming to ensure the memorial activities people do within their communities remain part of Sheffield’s history.

During the pandemic, Element worked with young people to capture their views on how it was affecting them, but also their views on hot topics including vaccinating, isolating and wearing masks in public spaces. 

Element's project will bring back the young people who worked on the Youth Force project, reflecting on the podcast series they produced and collecting their peer's reflections on Covid. 

This will be a short film piece featured on Element's YouTube channel and stored in Sheffield City Archives.

To find out more information about Compassionate Sheffield, visit their website