Social Investment Business help Element move forward with a new staff member!

The Social Investment Business (SIB) has provided grant funding to Element to employ a Business Development Manager for a year. We have been very lucky to recruit a highly experienced Business Development Manager, Cleo Metcalf, who has been with us since July 2019. Her enthusiasm and drive have already had a significant impact on our charity and will bring real benefit to the young people in Sheffield.

Operations Director, John, has this to say on the impact the funding from SIB has had on Element:

Element has a desire to reach more young people and their communities with a wider range of products and services. Cleo has brought a depth of knowledge and network contacts to Element that were missing until her appointment. Thanks to the SIB grant and the recruitment of Cleo we are much better placed to reach our aspirations.

In the short time Cleo has been with Element Society, she's masterminded the HMPizza project, which we're hoping to get off the ground shortly and start doing what Element do best, helping young people.

To find out more about the Social Investment Business, visit their website.