Heritage Fund Helps record our rich & diverse heritage

The Heritage Fund has funded the Displaced Migrants: Living History project. We could not have put the project on without their support and are thankful to the players of the National Lottery. Uzma Kazi, the project manager for the Displaced Migrants project, said this about the project:

The theme of heritage is wide open - it gives space for people from different walks of life to interpret it in their way as they reflect on their unique life experiences, sharing the stories that are important and special to them, through the Living History project.

Sarah Orola (pictured above with Douglas Muzawazi), one of the young people who took part in the programme, had this to say about it:

The Displaced Migrants Project has been an amazing project for me in a lot of ways. I was able to gain skills in audio editing, transcribing and interviewing. I was able to learn about different cultural backgrounds to mine. Although varying, I realised there was almost a common ground between the migrants and I. A shared sense of who they were which I deeply connected to. This helped inspire my creation of their zines. I was able to translate their lives history into something tangible. Being a part of this process was important to me because of the bigger impact it would have on wider society allowing them to be more aware of the other side of migrant stories. The ones not too often publicised in the press.

To find out more about the Heritage Fund visit their website.