Volunteers at Element Society are treated like staff - we recognise that everyone has their own expertise and skills, and by making volunteers feel like they have a sense of ownership over their work, everyone benefits. Here's what Jasmine as had to say about her recent experience volunteering with Element:

Being a volunteer at Element Society is so much fun! The people here are lovely and are all so passionate about what they do. I did NCS in Birmingham a few years ago and found it so rewarding that I couldn't wait to get involved with an organisation that has the same values and principles as NCS as soon as I could - volunteering has given me that chance. I'm currently helping to co-ordinate the Invata project with John, and doing a bit of young person engagement for NCS. What's great about the co-ordinating part in particular is that I have ownership of what I'm doing and have the responsibilities that go along with that - I'm not just here to make tea or coffee! I'm treated as if I was a member of staff, which makes this fantastic experience for me both personally and professionally, and I get to give back just like I wanted.

Volunteering for Element Society has a range of benefits, including:

  • Making a difference and contributing to the community.
  • Gaining experience and or skills in a field you may want to work in.
  • Meeting new people who share similar interests and values to you.

We will always try to accommodate anyone who's kind enough to want to donate their time and skills to us and wants to get involved with what we're doing! At the moment we're particularly interested in hearing from:

  • Tradespeople who could help with our building renovation.
  • People who speak and write multiple languages who could act as translators.
  • People looking to engage with young people to help recruit for our NCS programme and help run evening activities.

Think you could be a good fit for us? Get in touch by:

Our regular volunteers include Matthew, who's volunteering here is building his skill set and confidence, helping him move towards full-time employment, and Jasmine, who came on the NCS programme with us a few years ago and has been eager to get involved with us ever since - she's now running the Invata project and helping us engage with young people. Current employees Nabeela and Matt also used to volunteer for Element Society, have a listen to what they say about volunteering with Element below, look out for a video about their experiences volunteering for us coming soon!