Jasmine has recently joined the team at Element as a volunteer and has been fantastic, we asked her about her involvement with Element and why she does it...

When did you get involved with Element?
I started to get involved after seeing the amazing Displaced Migrants event they put on in November (huge shout out to Uzma!)  

What attracted you to us in particular?
I love that everyone involved with Element Society has a crucial part to play in its daily operations, and the impacts Element has on the local community. It is a structure that all organisations should embrace!

What are your activities and what do they involve?
I've been working with the Operations Director, John, and together we have been developing an ESOL (English as a second or foreign language) programme, called Invata. Teaching English in an extremely innovative and fun way. 

What motivates you to stay involved?
The free coffee and tea! Joking of course - from the very beginning I have felt welcomed and encouraged, despite all the crazy ideas that I give to Element Society, they always have a 'Can do' approach. 

In your opinion, what is the most important work that we do?
Element Society has so many great things going on, from NCS to Blue Dot. I can't really choose one in particular - cause y'all are amazing!!

What do you hope Element will achieve in the near future?
I can't wait to see how the projects Invata and Girls collective (and all the others) will keep on growing and expanding. Also seeing how Element will keep building connections with other groups and awesome minded people in South Yorkshire. The networks are forever growing!

Do you have an anecdote about Element Society that really moved you?
In the Living History event, it was so moving to hear some of the young people talk about their experiences and what they had learned, whilst holding interviews with people of migrant background. It was so clear that this project and Element Society, in general, has a bigger impact on this community than they probably even realise!