Yorkshire Building Society gives Element a new home!

Element Society recently moved into new premises at Yorkshire House, managed by Yorkshire Building Society, who are kindly subsidising rent for us while also providing us with much more space to run our sessions. This move opens the door to many more opportunities for us, particularly when it comes to collaborative work with other charities.

Matt Brewer, Designer and Senior Administrator, said this about the impact of the partnership with Yorkshire Building Society:

Having worked for Element for nearly four years, I can see just how much having this new building is going to benefit our programmes, particularly NCS. Not only that, but it gives us a real presence right in the heart of the city centre, which will really help us build our brand and reputation, so a huge thanks to Yorkshire Building Society for their generosity


In fact, the impact of the extra space now available to the Young People we work with has already started showing. In Summer 2019, a group of young people on the NCS project ran an awareness campaign called “Youth for Yemen” which raised awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. They produced a documentary about this, and were able to hold some premiers in the building because of the extra space! You can see their work below.

To find out more about Yorkshire Building Society, visit their website.