Painting and decorating team give the office a facelift!

As well as working closely with us on our Autumn NCS programmes in the past few years, the Sheffield College has recently volunteered the time and skills of their painting and decorating course to redecorate Element’s new office at Yorkshire House, which was previously empty for over 7 years, and in desperate need of some TLC.

Matt Brewer, Designer and Administrator, said:

The work the painting and decorating course have done and continue to do is absolutely brilliant - we’re a relatively small team for such a big building, so decorating the bits we did ourselves was a huge drain on our time and resources. The Sheffield College have stepped in to help and have been incredible, so a huge thanks from us!

The work done by the painting and decorating team has brought an entire floor of our building back into use, with one of the previously unusable rooms now being used as the based for the Living History: Displaced Migrants project, which has allowed young people working with us to learn audio recording and editing skills, as well as learn more about their own heritage, and the heritage of other migrants who’ve come to Sheffield.

To find out more about The Sheffield College, visit their website.