The Sheff Swap Shop

Element's Swap Shop aims to create a space to encourage and support sustainability for Sheffield's young people. Taking inspiration from our friends, the Hermit Crabs, we aim to reduce waste by passing down our clothes instead of throwing them away. The Swap shop aims to create a space for young people to trade the clothes they won't wear for those they will.

What you can swap

Clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. 
All items must be in good, clean, and wearable condition.  
We also take donations of unopened personal hygiene products. 

Don't have any items to swap? Don't worry! You can also swap time.

You can access the swap shop if you attend any sessions at Element Society.  

Swap Shop Open Times 

The swap shop is open to young people during any session they attend. 

Please get in touch with the youth team to access the swap shop outside of session times. 

To donate to the swap shop, please arrange a drop-off time with the youth team.

[email protected]