My problem is that if I catch the virus its highly likely that I will die.....and I'm not ready to go!!

I'm a 70-year-old man with 5 different lung conditions and fall into the category of being a vulnerable person. I work at Element Society because it keeps me young and I want to put something back into young people. My colleagues were very kind and suggested I self isolate early, which I did. If I follow the government advice, which I will, I will be self-isolating until August/September. 

I tend to be fairly fit and active so staying indoors is tough for me so I make time to go for a walk with my wife twice a day. She is the only company I have and she is really worried about me, so much so that she won't even let me help with the shopping because of the need to avoid crowds.

I see all the empty shelves in the shops when I watch TV and it makes me so angry. What kind of society have we become when the only person you care about you. Other people need to eat as well!! there is plenty of food about if people would stop panic buying. Please stop for just one second and think about others.

Stay away from crowds, wash your hands regularly and stay healthy.

- John, 70 years old

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