The tragic death of George Floyd inspired a burst in momentum and progression for the BLM movement over the past few months. It is vitally important that we do not just treat it as a mere moment but a long lasting movement. The support and solidarity shown through global tributes, peaceful protests and petitions has been amazing, but frankly, the battle for equality and justice continues. Institutional racism is a disease that has plagued the UK for hundreds of years and it will not be eradicated overnight. It will take the actions of society as a whole to create a true change. So far we have seen some positive changes since the movement resurfaced. For example, police officers being held accountable and charged for their racist mistreatments, millions of donations made to foundations related to racism, racist statues being taken down, street names being changed and more people openly speaking out about their experiences and raising awareness. However, the struggle still stands. Till this day, there continues to be clear inequalities and severe mistreatments to black people. There remains severe issues within the police in relation to race as people continue to be injured and die. There are still issues within the curriculum, employment, the government and in our society today. We are in the need of equal opportunities, changes of attitudes, the elimination of racial stereotypes and ignorance. Although it will not be easy, as a united force, we can achieve our goals that have long lasting, generational effects. It is up to us as individuals to do our part and help each other in any way we can. From writing to MP’s, signing petitions and having those uncomfortable conversations to educate ourselves to protesting, donating and raising awareness, we can all be a part of creating a long needed change.

- Tashinga Matewe

Element Society will always strive to cultivate an environment where young people from all backgrounds can come together to learn, progress, and share in experiences. As part of this, we also commit to learning as an organisation so we can challenge inequality wherever we see it. You can see our full statement on Black Lives Matter here.