"Nearly 30% of new confirmed cases in Leeds are in 20-29-year-olds"

That's what the BBC news were reporting on Look North on yesterday on 8th of September. Young people are being villainised for spreading Coronavirus in Yorkshire with this statistic, but really, it's not their fault, and here's why!

Firstly, that statistic is rubbish!

There's two reasons for this:

  1. Children don't usually show symptoms so don't get tested. A lot of older people are shielding so don't get tested. If most people being tested are 18-60, you would expect about 25% of new cases to be in people ages 20-29 years, so actualy 30% isn't that shocking in the first place!
  2. They didn't say how many of the people being tested were young people! It could be the case that 90% of all tests are being done by young people, in that case, if only 30% of new cases were young people, that would be amazing rather than awful!

Secondly, think about why young people are out...

Why are young people going out? Can young people work from home? Can young people drive to work? 

  1. Eat Out To Help Out!!! The Government told us to go out and eat! Young people can't usually afford to go out and eat as much as older people, so of course they'd go out and buy a load of half-price food, what an opportunity! If that spread Covid, that's the Government's fault for telling them to do so!
  2. Who works at these restaurants? Lots of waiters and waitresses are young people, so are a lot of retail workers. Certainly very few young people will have office jobs where they can work from home, so working from home isn't an option - it makes sense they'd be at a higher risk of infection because of this.
  3. How are young people getting to work? Young people are less likely to own a car than older people, so there will be more young people getting on public transport than any other age group, so are more at risk of catching the virus on this count too!

But students, it's definitely their fault, right?

The news suggested students returning to big cities like Sheffield and Leeds caused problems, and how they live is a problem too... Rubbish!

  1. Most students won't have returned to their Uni City yet, so if they are being tested, it'll be in their home city, not their uni City.
  2. Students don't chose to live in big groups in tiny houses - that's just what student accommodation is -they have no other choice because student accommodation is so expensive!

So... What do I say when someone tells me young people are causing the problem?

Honestly, I don't react well! Yes, young people may be contracting and spreading Covid more than other age groups, but we're doing it because the Government want to keep the economy going and have given us the go-ahead to do so. Young People may be the problem, but they/we certainly aren't to blame!

- Matt, 25 years old

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