I am a college maths tutor.

When they announced the closures on Wednesday evening it did not come as a surprise, but the cancellation of exams including A Levels, hit me hard. Our college took the decision to deliver face to face lessons for only Thursday. It was an opportunity to say goodbye to our upper sixth students who were due to sit their A level exams and to instruct the lower sixth how to access the virtual learning experience we have created for them.

It was very emotional as not only had these students worked hard over the last couple of years, but so had I. Not being able to prove ourselves against the rest of the nation. I also potentially said goodbye to one of my colleagues for the last time as he is due to leave our college at the end of the academic year. An unfortunate but necessary decision.

I now teach on an online forum to my lower sixth students, whilst looking after my 2 year-old. Worrying times ahead and I'm getting better at dealing with the anxiety this crisis is causing.

Stay at home, so this can pass quicker.

- Annonymous Male, 32 years old

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