The coronavirus has affected me and my family in various ways.

My dad was let go of his job due to having no work, and because he had only worked there for 5 months they decided to let him go as he hadn’t been working there for more than 6 months. This has affected us as a family as my dad is the only one who provides money for us. I have 3 younger siblings, two of who are at young ages and need looking after more than me and my other siblings. My younger sister unfortunately has a weak immune system and my dad suffered a heart attack a few years back, so these two are at risk if anyone in my family actually catches the virus.

Due to my younger brother developing a contagious cough we have had to self isolate and due to this, I’ve had to leave work for 14 days so that if I developed any symptoms of the coronavirus, which I did, I didn’t pass them onto any of my work colleagues. So far these symptoms have been on and off and fingers crossed me and my brother haven’t got it. We have been in self-isolation for a week now.

This is such a difficult time for us all, not just in my family, but worldwide and I pray we all stick together, care for one another and be generous to people around us. Please don’t be stockpiling food, toilet rolls and other products. Remember there are others who need these products too and we need to help each other as much as we can to make our lives safer!

- Annonymous female, 17 years old

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