It feels like a lifetime ago since my last rona diary entry! My last entry is right at the start of lockdown and I was struggling to deal with work commitments alongside looking after my now 1-year-old son, while on top of that dealing with all kinds of anxieties of the coronavirus!! The past few months have really flown by and I have appreciated being able to spend so much time with my young son where we have used our time with countless picnics in the sunshine and celebrated his first birthday with visits from family on the driveway. I can't say I have been very productive, although I managed to win 1 Zoom quiz, I got as far as dusting off my harmonica until my son got pee on it and I thought that was God's way of saying its okay to not be productive and watching the Game Of Thrones boxset is a completely acceptable way of using all this spare time.

- Will, 24 years old

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