Human beings are inherently social creatures - so it's a bit unnatural to be cooped up indoors for long periods; particularly if you live on your own or only interact minimally with those you live in (e.g. houseshare).

This is really tricky situation where you've got to persevere and cope mentally to preserve the physical health of many around you and yourself. This virus is dangerous and I feel sometimes compromises to mental health may have to be made to keep everyone safe physically.

The best way to combat the mental issues surrounding loneliness - find someone who you get along with to self-isolate with. Use Facetime, video messaging. Maybe even have it on but do your own thing so that you feel there is company in the background but no outright need to make conversation unless you want to. What is really scary is how long it lasts but there are plenty of fantastic people working on a cure, and we can only hope it comes sooner rather than later.

- Annonymous Male, 29 years old

However the pandemic is affecting you, we hope some of these stores will show that you're not suffering, struggling or even feeling anxious alone. We'd love to hear your story too in the hope that it will help someone else, you can write a post for this blog here.