Today was my last day of teaching for 2 weeks. Not because I'm self-isolating, but because it's the Easter holidays.

This week I've had 10-15 children in my class each day, and I'll be back with them after Easter. Going into work every day makes anxious, because I know I'm putting myself at risk, but it's worth it to see and support the children. I'm happy I have 2 weeks off because I'm exhausted, but I'm going to miss those children and think about them every day... it's just what teachers do.

Trust me when I say, your teachers and tutors are thinking about you too! After the children left today I went round school sticking their rainbow pictures up in the windows for them to see when they come in on Monday and when I got home, I put mine in my window too. Have you got rainbows in your window? It's not just for young children you know, you can make one too :)

- Anonymous female, 24 years-old

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