I've had to balance looking after my young child and doing work from home, so it has been a real challenge so far.

What I have tried to focus on is treating work as normal as possible, as normal as can be when considering I am working from my conservatory with a 10 month-old crawling around me. But what has helped me get in the right working mindset are these really useful tips, I bet they'd work for doing schoolwork too for younger people:

  • Wearing staff uniform (including staff badge, might seem daft but it helps!).
  • Wearing work shoes.
  • Going for a walk before and after work (although your walks may be limited with new measures in places).
  • Creating a non-distracting work environment - I found early on that I couldn't really work from my bed.

- Will, 24

However the pandemic is affecting you, we hope some of these stores will show that you're not suffering, struggling or even feeling anxious alone. We'd love to hear your story too in the hope that it will help someone else, you can write a post for this blog here.