Would you like a bag?

I was stood in the supermarket,
My basket brimming with items,
I wasn’t sure how long they were supposed to last me for.

As the plastic handle dug into my hand,
I overheard the most surreal conversation as I let my shopping hit the floor.

“I don’t understand what the fuss is about”
You should be washing your hands anyway” another woman would shout,
“But there’s no premier league”
Said the man of his team,
Liverpool to win the league, was his closest to a dream.

Sanitaries robbed,
Toilet paper gone.
the bread that no one likes,
has forsaken, and taken a hike.

Families struggling,
Everything is muddling,
Support from all corners,
Team Earth is huddling.

Assisted shops,
Check ins and helping our elderly and vulnerable,
Helping our children stuck at home be comfortable,
It’s hard sometimes, but most just want to be at school.

Our world can rejoice when it needs to,
No politics,
And no, i’m not the biggest fan of Boris,
But something is telling me that we’ve got this.

There’s chaos, and there’s calm,
But there’s just calm amidst the chaos,
I’ve had a couple paid, days off,
But what of those who fear being laid off?
We’ll stick this out, and show each other what we’re made of.
Times of greater difficulties is where we came from.

I pick my basket, and shuffle in the queue.

Would you like a bag?
Yes i do.

- Haris, 18 years old

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