The pandemic means churches closed, all places of worship closed.

For me and many people, church and Sundays we're the only place we could go to and feel love and hope. But God is a good God he is in control and knows exactly what is going to happen. With all the uncertainty from the corona, the church service my church live-streamed and spoke about a message of hope. We can cry out to God and he is with us. This will be and is a very difficult time but God is with us through it all and everything is in his plan. He is the hope we can stand firm in through the scary uncertain times ahead. Remember that :)

- Female Year 11 Student, 15 years old

However the pandemic is affecting you, we hope some of these stores will show that you're not suffering, struggling or even feeling anxious alone. We'd love to hear your story too in the hope that it will help someone else, you can write a post for this blog here.