Here is your independent training:

Time Management Video 

Time Management Worksheet

Risk Assessment Video 

Risk Assessment Worksheet

Safeguarding Video 

Safeguarding Quiz Worksheet

Diversity Awareness Video 

Diversity Awareness Worksheet

Here are the worksheets for the live training session: 

Mental Health Worksheet

Leadership Worksheet

Reflection and Evaluation Worksheet

Project Plan Worksheet

Here are the Slide for the live training session: (these will be uploaded after each session is finished)

Welcome Powerpoint

Leadership Powerpoint

Communication Powerpoint

Public Speaking Powerpoint

Reflection and Evaluation Powerpoint

Project Planning

Here are some other useful documents:

Video Consent Form.docx

Project Plan Example.docx

How To Filming Guide.pdf

Please fill in these feedback forms after each session: 

Application Process

Mental Health

Time Management




Risk Assessment

Public Speaking

Reflection and Evaluation

Diversity and Awareness 

Project Planning