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(UPDATED 16 April 2020)

We are linking to external sites so that you get the latest up to date information. This means we can't guarantee any of the content on these links is correct but it was at the time we added it to the list.

Community Resources

Sheffield City Council
Leaflets, posters, links and contact numbers for support in various languages when re-opening your school or other community organisation or local business. 

Learning, Education and Training

The Open University
100’s of free online short courses covering a wide section of topics. Anyone can sign-up for their free training and does not list any age criteria. Great for if you want to go on to University.

Prince's Trust
Lots of free learning resources on the Prince's Trust website.

British Council
Free training and learning resource young people who do not speak English as a first language.

The Open University
100’s of free online short courses covering a wide section of topics. Anyone can sign-up for their free training and does not list any age criteria. It could be a good aspiration builder for young people wanting to go on to University.

Prince's Trust
Lots of free learning resources on the Prince's Trust website.

People Plus
Free online wellbeing coaching and webinars for staff now working from home.

Reed has 48 free training courses for those people who are 19plus. 

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Homeschooling Resources

The Maths Factor
For ages 4 – 12. Normally £2.00 per week, but it is now free for as long as the pandemic is in place. A good resource for to support younger children in their home-schooling journey.
The ultimate guide to lots of online free learning and resources for teens

British Council
Free training and learning resource for young people who do not speak English as a first language.

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Mental Health

Local Support

Chilypep's Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit 
Want to get creative, or try out some different wellbeing activities? Go to Chilypep's OASIS page and download the Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit 2020! 

Door43 self-help guide
Sheffield Futures have created a 'self-help resource guide' - click to download.

World Mental Health Day 2020 Resources
A range of resources, films and information created by Chilypep staff and Young People for World Mental Health Day 2020.

National helplines for adults and children

A place a child or young person can talk to someone about something they are worried about. They can do this online or over the phone. 08001111

This charity works against child abuse - a helpline is available for parents or other adults concerned about a child (0808 8025544).

The Samaritans 
A confidential helpline which offers support and advice to those in emotional distress. - 116 123

Young Minds Parentline
Offers information and advice to anyone worried about a child or young person under the age of 25. - 0808 802 5544

Young Minds
Free advice and support for young people

Charity working to prevent young suicide with a helpline for those worried about themselves or someone they know (call 0800 068 4141; text 0778 620 9697).

Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people

General mental health advice and support
This page has every support organisation you could think of for young people along with a great list of apps and learning resources.

Big White Wall
Online counselling service for young people aged 16+.

The Campaign against Living Miserably aims to reduce suicide rates among young men in the UK.

Doc Ready
Prepares young people for their first visit to their GP to talk about their mental health.

Get Connected
Support and signposting for young people under the age of 25. Telephone, email, text and web chat support.

Online counselling and support for children and young people.

National mental health charity providing information and advice.

Information on mental health, as well as telephone, email and text support. Includes an online forum for over-18s.

The Mix 
Mental health information and support for the under-25s.

Time to Change
Personal stories from young people about why mental health matters.

The Youth Wellbeing Directory 
Online resource for families and young people up to the age of 24 listing local mental health services in their area. 

Scottish Association for Mental Health 
Provides mental health social care support, homelessness, addictions and employment services, among others, across Scotland. 

Lifeline Helpline
crisis response helpline service for people who are experiencing distress or despair in Northern Ireland.


Anxiety UK 
Live chat and email support for children and young people experiencing anxiety.

No Panic
Helpline for young people who suffer from panic attacks, OCD, phobias, and other related anxiety disorders (0330 606 1174). 


Bipolar UK 
Offers information about bipolar disorder, an online community, and a peer support line.



Bullying UK
Advice and support for dealing with bullying.

Scotland's anti-bullying service working with adults involved in the lives of children and young people to give them the practical skills and confidence to deal with children who are bullied and those who bully others.



Charlie Waller Memorial Trust 
Includes information for children and young people on how to recognise the signs of depression. 

My CAMHS Choice 
Information and support for young people who have been referred to the CAMHS system.

Students Against Depression
Information, advice and real-life stories for university students struggling with depression.

COVID-19: Helping Young People Manage Low Mood and Depression - a course for young people with low mood and depression and their parents and carers, or anyone who has contact with young people during the coronavirus pandemic. Developed by the university of Reading.


Drugs and alcohol

Information about drug and alcohol problems.

Information and support for children and young people affected by a parent’s alcohol use.


Eating disorders

Beat Eating Disorders
Helplines, online support and self-help groups on all types of eating disorder. 


Hearing voices 

Voice Collective 
Resources for young people who hear, see and sense things that others don’t. Support for parents is also offered.



Head Meds 
Information for young people around medication, mental health and life.



Information and support on OCD, including online support forums.



Life Signs
Information and support on self-harm in children and young people.

National Self-Harm Network 
A forum providing crisis support, resources and advice on dealing with self-harm.

Recover Your Life 
Information and support around self-harm. Includes forums, online chat, open 24/7. 

Self Harm UK 
Information for parents and professionals on self-harming behaviour.


Apps/Tools to support your well-being

Healthy Minds
Problem-solving tool aimed at students. 

An app to help young people through the ups and downs of life; it suggests activities to help based on how you rank your mood. 

Specifically for young people to help them manage their anxiety. There are lots of tools, techniques and advice. 

Mood Panda 
Half moodtracker, half social network. It allows children and young people to choose whether to keep their mood private or share it publicly for support from other Mood Panda users. 

Mood Scope 
A mood tracking tool; the basic features are free but you have to pay for more in-depth features. 

An app as well as an online resource which helps children and young people monitor and understand their emotional wellbeing.

Personal Zen 
Games that have been clinically proven to reduce stress. 

Recovery Record
Self-help tool for children and young people suffering from eating disorders.

SAM (Self-Help for Anxiety Management) 
Help with anxiety management which includes interactive games and tools, and an anxiety tracker. 

Stop, Breathe and Think 
Guide to meditation which recommends certain meditations based on how you’re feeling.

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Legal advice


Provides free initial advice on a variety of areas of law including housing, benefits, debt, employment and consumer issues.

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Support if you work for the NHS

NHS workers have been inundated with kind offers of support from a wide range of companies – from discounted taxi rides to dedicated supermarket shopping times, to free food and discounted products.  Access this list using the link below

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Cars, motorbikes and other vehicles

Your car, van or motorcycle’s MOT expiry date will be extended by 6 months if it’s due on or after 30 March 2020 - but you must keep your vehicle safe to drive.

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Work, Careers Advice and Benefits

Get the latest advice for employees from the government

Get the latest advice about Universal credit from the government

Government grants for the self-employed during COVID-19

Careers Advice
If your school usually has a Sheffield Futures Careers Adviser on-site you can now speak to them by phone.  The full list of Sheffield Futures Advisers & schools is here:

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Housing, Essentials, and Money

Help for tenants worried about eviction as a result of Covid-19.

Sheffield City Council
Latest update from Sheffield City Council in relation to public service and housing etc.

Citizen's Advice Bureau - Benefits
Advice on benefit options if you can’t work or are on reduced hours during the pandemic.

Citizen's Advice Bureau - Bills and Money
Useful information if you’re struggling to pay bills during the pandemic. - Grants
Grants search for people struggling during the pandemic. Funding for things like essential white goods and help with bills etc. - Benefits Calculator
Benefits calculator to assess eligibility to Universal Credit, Housing Benefits, Personal Independence Payments and Tax Credits. 

Government Support
Help for people worried about accessing food and essential supplies during the pandemic

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Internet Safety
Tips on how to use the internet safely for 11-19-year-olds

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Childcare & Free School Meals

Childcare and Free School Meals
If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for access to free schools and childcare during the pandemic, you can check here on the guidance for definitions of a ‘key worker’.

Get £15 a week for food if you get Free School Meals

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If you are a young carer in Sheffield

Sheffield Young Carers
The website will have updates about services and support: but if you receive support from SYC and want to speak to a support worker, please call us on 0114 258 4595 Monday-Friday, 9-5.

Counselling for young Asian women and girls

Roshni is currently offering free counselling to young Asian women and girls in the city who are aged 13-25. 
For more information or to make a referral please contact Shireen on 07422661176 or at You can find out more about the work of our organisation at


Tips on how to stay connected from Virgin Media

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