First of all, make sure you're doing the right thing!

Check on your neighbours, make sure they're ok, and help if you can.

Download and print off this image, fill it out, and post it through local letterboxes!

Download our social action pack and make a difference!

Watch out here for some helpful resources that will help you plan any social projects you might want to run - COMING SOON!

Check out and contribute our #RonaDiaries blog!

These are unprecedented times and people are struggling with anxiety. Visit our blog here to see how people are coping, and fill out our form here if you want to contribute to the blog, it could help someone else!

Join one of our online discussion channels!

Are you a young person with questions about the effects of COVID-19 or the impacts on society that it's causing? We'll be hosting open online discussion sessions for you to discuss it with people who are having similar concerns, and we'll do our best to get some information, advice, or guidance back to you. More information coming soon!

Got any suggestions for us?

Email us at [email protected] if you can think of any other ways we can he help, or we can help you help!