For those wanting their organisation to fund a specific project or projects from the range we are currently running or may run in the future.

What we can offer:

  • Project monitoring updates.
  • Potential for your organisation to either: bring your skills to a session that reflects the values and motivations of the project, or get stuck into any renovation needed to start the project. This is optional but involves staff to a greater extent.
  • Poster templates and our logo to use on websites and social media.
  • Increase your audience engagement by including your organisation in our social media posts on the project.
  • A collection box for the workplace.
  • Bi-annual Element Newsletter highlighting achievements and stories.
  • Thank you letters.

Please note:
Our projects are established according to the passions of the young people we work with. We will not restrict the empowerment of young people's decisions, so if you wish to join this partnership we ask to be open and flexible to change in the project your organisation agrees to initially support.

I'm interested!