Anti-racism, with Tashinga Matewe

Thursday 11th February: 5pm-6pm

Tashinga is a 20 year old spoken word artist, youth activist and Pan-Africanist. She uses her words through poetry to express her emotions and to share her passion about her views. She aims to empower and inspire young people to make a difference in their community because she strongly believes the youth are the future and should be enabled to take control of their futures and their own narratives and create their own legacies.

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Climate Justice, with Polly Hallam

Thursday 18th February: 6pm-7pm 

Polly is a seventeen year old sixth from student and climate activist. Between March and December 2019 she was a core organiser for YS4C Sheffield and since then has been involved in numerous projects around sustainability and youth empowerment such as Bright Green Futures, Extinction Rebellion and Catalyse Change.

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Gender Equality, with Lily Grimshaw

Monday 22nd February: 5pm-6pm

Lily is the current Women's Officer for Sheffield Students Union. This role primarily consists of addressing the needs and representing the voices of marginalised groups both within the Students Union and University, as well as at a national level. Lily's priority is to create and maintain a student environment which is free from sexism and discrimination. She works collaboratively with women, Black, Asian and ethnic minority, LGBTQ+ and disabled students and lead campaigns on a range of social liberation issues.

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Mental Health, with Becky Batley

Thursday 25th February: 6pm-7pm

Becky is a 24 year old from Sheffield. Her activism work has mainly revolved around mental health, in particular children and young people’s, but she is also passionate about LGBT issues, anti-racism and feminism. She has a cat called Bruce and a deep love for Nicolas Cage movies!

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Campaigning for Youth Work, with Bernard Davies

Tuesday 2nd March: 5pm-6pm

Bernard trained and qualified as a youth worker many years ago, and has worked with young people in Leicester, Leyland in Lancashire and Leamington Spa (also now many years ago!) as well as in Sheffield. He has also been a tutor on youth work, teaching and social work qualifying courses and has continued to research and write about both the history of youth work and current policy developments which affect it and youth services more broadly. In 2009 Bernard was a signatory to the ‘Open Letter’ which prompted the creation of In Defence of Youth Work campaign, and he is still a member of its Steering Group

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