An Element NCS team, Redlight, have been making a huge impact with their video about Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), which has been used by the NSPCC in their school campaign. Watch the video above.

CSE is still a prominent issue in the media and these young people are doing something about it.

So far the team have created a video that has been used in schools and is waiting to hear back on a grant application, to develop a workshop, from the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The tagline for the CSE Awareness campaign in ‘Silence is a child’s loudest scream.’ which was builds on the concept that often victims are silent about their exploitation.

Their team leader, Will Earp, said “It’s incredible to see what they’ve achieved with this” “My team identified child sexual exploitation, and decided they wanted to make a video to raise awareness and to open people’s eyes to the warning signs.”

The group contacted NSPCC Sheffield and Will arranged a workshop with local production company Let There Be Light on how to put the video together – filmed entirely on an iPhone.

Tashinga Matewe, 16, a student at All Saints Sixth Form, takes on the main role in the film – which has already had thousands of views on Facebook. She says:

We started brainstorming and were thinking of things like Help The Homeless, and other local charities and issues we could get involved in, but we really wanted to do something a bit different, and something that as children ourselves could relate to, Child sexual exploitation is something we see and hear a lot about these days and it just felt like something that we could make an impact with.