Recently Element Society gave young people the opportunity to meet City Officials questions about Covid vaccine, as part of their Youth Force project.

Abdus-Sabur, Fahmie, Hayden, Jamanuel, Mohamed, Sami and Yousuf met with Greg Fell, director of public health for Sheffield, city councillors Safiya Saeed and Martin Phipps, and youth worker and community co-ordinator Lloyd Samuels, to ask them questions about the Coronavirus vaccine, and the impact it will have on their health and communities.

After being interviewed by the group, Greg Fell said he was looking forward to the result and that; 

They asked me tougher questions than Deborah Cohen [Newsnight] ever did

The roughly three hours of interview footage has been compiled down into four ~10 minute videos on different topics and can be viewed on Element Society’s YouTube Channel 

Check out part 1 here 

Brand Manager Matt Brewer, who ran the project and edited the
footage says;

This is really important. Young people are telling us there’s a lot of mis-trust about the vaccine, particularly in communities where a proportion of people are black or from ethnic minorities. There’s also a generational aspect too, where trusted, older members of these communities are refusing the vaccine, which is having a trickle-down effect in those communities. This project gives those young people the opportunities to get the answers they want right from the horse's mouth.

We wouldn't have been able to run this project without funding from Sheffield City Council. Find out more about our work with them.