We'll let Tylae do the introductions here...


WATCH: Tylae Close speaks at TEDx Doncaster...

We are so proud of Tylae for recently speaking at TEDx Doncaster, on the topic of youth work, and how this line of work is so important to young people across the country.

Tylae has been a part of Element Society for over 5 years, attending at first as a young person, and moving on to become a seasonal staff member, working with other young people as a Team Leader and a mentor. 

Tylae begins with her story, as a young person growing up in Doncaster, finding it difficult to navigate her future. The message she delivers in her talk is so powerful, and resonates so much with what we try to achieve at Element. 

When I found youth work, I didn't know how much it would change my life. It turned me into the person I am today, it helped me understand my own way of life and other peoples. It gave me opportunities, life skills, and helped me decide the path I wanted to be on. 

I believe that if I didn't have youth work, I wouldn't be stood here with you today, in fact, I don't think I'd be here at all.

A message to Tylae: 

A huge congratulations on you TEDx Doncaster Talk! We are so proud of you, to see how far you have come, and this is by far not the end! Keep making moves in the youth work sector, and we are all sure that you will continue to be an advocate for youth work, and the crucial role it plays in society.