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Keep Busy (Home of the 'Not a Pub Quiz')

Element has loads of challenges and prizes that are shared on our social media - 

'Not a Pub Quiz'

The first quiz was busy with just under 100 players and loads of merch & prizes. 

We will announce future quizzes here and on social media.

Winners and quiz info here!

(It will be our first attempt so be kind!)


This is a blog where people share their experiences of COVID-19.  They may speak about their story, offer advice on how to stay well, or examples of how to keep busy (not bored!) during this time

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Fight COVID-19 together

Want to find out how you can help you make a difference in tackling the effects Coronavirus has had on people and society?

This page has resources and activities that will help you make a difference. 

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Element will use these data to better inform our efforts during and after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We will also use the data to create a report that we will share online for free so that other organisations can be better prepared to meet the needs of the public.

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Support during the crisis

Find support on everything from mental health to housing at the Coronavirus Hub.

We're currently providing links to support on these topics:

Access the support page by clicking here.

If you have something useful to add to this page then just email [email protected]