NCS Trust gain Royal Charter Status

Element worked with the NCS Trust from 2013-2022 as a Delivery Partner of NCS, Changemakers and Skillsbooster programmes supported by their funding. In December 2018, NCS transitioned from a not-for-profit Community Interest Company to a Royal Charter body, achieving security as a national institution. Nearly 100,000 young people took part in NCS this year and over half a million since the first pilot programme was launched in 2009. NCS Trust also supports Element in other areas including staff training, systems support and programme organisation.

Through NCS, Element Society engaged with thousands of young Sheffielders every year and allowed teens to develop their skills and gain new experiences that they could take forward into their future endeavours. After participants' NCS programmes ended, young people could get involved with further opportunities at Element, such as Youth Voice, engaging in other projects, or becoming an NCS ambassador to help tell other teens why they should do NCS. 

Haleema Kabir, a Graduate of the Element NCS Summer Programme in 2019, went on to become an Element Youth Board member and said:

NCS helped me with my social skills, my ability to talk to others and interact with other young people. Overall it has made me more confident in my beliefs that I can do more and make a change.

For more information about NCS programmes and the NCS Trust, visit their website.