Element Society is a member of the Sheffield Safe Places scheme.

The Safe Places scheme is a national network that provides vulnerable people immediate temporary support when they are out and about in public places. Sheffield currently has over 50 Safe Place locations that can provide this support. 

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"We are proud that we can offer immediate support to vulnerable people, regardless of age, in Sheffield who are out and about in the City centre, and offer a bit of support to help out. We feel that this type of work is really important to supporting young people with additional needs to becomming as close to independent as they can be."

Will Earp, Element Society

How did this come about? 

Whilst working in one of our partner specialist provision schools, Element staff were made aware of the scheme, which is encouraged by schools teaching independence to students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Students were taught to recognise the logo, and go to that place for help if they needed it when visiting public spaces. 

It was recognised that not many places were registered as a 'safe place', so the students decided to film a short video as part of their social action project about how to become a member and support more young people who could be lost or scared when they are out in Sheffield.

A link to their video will be here when we receive the final edit of their work!

What to look for...

Look for this logo on the front door of buildings. These places are members of the Safe Places scheme and know how to help!

You can also download the Safe Places app!

Download Safe Places App on Apple App Store here

Download Safe Places App on Google Play here

This is how the scheme works...

  1. Businesses, shops, local organisations (just to name a few) can sign up to become a member of the 'Sheffield Safe Places' scheme
  2. Staff receive an induction from our local coordinators at Heeley City Farm on how to support someone who is lost or scared
  3. The organisation displays the logo at the front door of their building and are registered on the Safe Places App
  4. Staff at the location a person goes to for help, support the person with their issue, contacting their helper on their Keep Safe Card, offer reassurance, offer a drink, listen to their issue, offer a quiet space or report a hate crime

Are you interested in becoming a Safe Place? 

It's so simple, click the button below, which will take you to Sheffield Safe Places website, fill in their online form, and their team will be in contact with you. 

Find out more about Sheffield Safe Places

Become a Safe Place Member

Easy! And you'll be doing a great thing to support vulnerable people in Sheffield to become independent and feel safe doing so.